My Name is Yasemin

I am an experienced travel advisor consulting hotels, restaurants, corporations on achieving full customer satisfaction; advise corporations and individuals on best places to visit, best travel products ABD technical gear for their expectations on highest quality. Traveled more than 45 countries, over 1.000 cities and trying & testing hoteliers 250 nights each year.


My Services

These are the main services I offer. As you can see, you will get everything from one source. This will ensure a seamless transition from one step to another.


When your business does not go in the way that you were aiming for or you would like to be fit for a big expansion; you can book a consultation check of your premises, products or services with me for finding out the pitfalls and recommendations for fixing them. The information you will receive will be in form of a presentation and has helped my top tier clients before in their hotelier and gastronomy businesses.

Travel advisor

270 nights each year traveling globally enables me learning about the exact expectations of traveling peers, best practices all around the world and the opportunity of benchmarking products and services about travel. With my reviews read more than 10.000 times a year, you will know where to go, what to do, what to buy in advance and enjoy your time, spend your resources on the things which really worth it!

Influencer Marketing

With more than 20.000 followers on Instagram and YouTube, being on top 3% most read reviewer on TripAdvisor and having a network of more than 10.000 AB segment travellers, I provide brand awareness of your business and increase the reach of your corporation and brand globally.

Digital content creation

I and my team are providing digital content creation services to our clients. It may be a travel report on a popular travel magazine or on a hip digital platform, a YouTube video or an Instagram post. We use a big variety of technical gears including gimbles, cameras and drones and many editing tools and techniques like color grading, transitions and animations.


My Clients

The following list is merely intended to give you an idea of our credentials and the serve we have provided as evidence of the achievements I can secure for you.



I believe in a diverse range of personal to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.


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